OnCore® Glue Laminated Beams (Glulam)

Timber Species: Thermally Modified Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) Lumber
Description: The Glue Laminated Beam is a multi-layer solid OPT beam with this gives an extremely high weight to strength ratio for load bearing purposes.
Panel Size: Standard 150 mm x 3,200 mm x 150 mm
Panel Tolerance: Thickness Range: 120mm to 300mm with tolerance ± 3.0 mm
Length/Width Range: 1,800mm to 3,200mm / 120mm to 2,500mm ± 2.0mm
Squareness: N/A
Internal Bond: >0.5 N / mm²
Thickness Swelling: <15%
Average Moisture Content: <12%
Formaldehyde Emissions: Below E1 emission, D2 - D4 level, PVAc based.
Suggested Applications: Load Bearing Elements, Large Interior Use (Walls, Ceilings, Built-In Furniture), Heavy Duty Packaging, Transport, Generally as Building and Joinery Elements.
Characteristic: Light Weight Beam, Sustainable, Fire-Rated, Water Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Fungus & Termite Resistant, Strong and Flexible.